Our Story – Lola Pearl
the beginning

How It All Began

Our dogs are always there for us, and with us—through weekend brunches, long walks, and late nights. In January 2020 when we couldn’t find dog accessories that fit all aspects of our lifestyle, we set out to fill this gap with thoughtful, innovative and attractive products that complement human activewear (aka your favorite leggings). Lola Pearl is named in honor of our founder’s great aunt, a spirited woman with a passion for animals who lived in the moment, loved deeply, sought adventure, and always stayed true to herself. These are the traits that inspire our work, and that we hope to pass along to you.

Our mission. Through sleek and innovative products we create more opportunities for shared adventures, making life easier and more beautiful for pups and their people.


From Production to Packaging

Our sustainability efforts are focused on our materials. Working with in-stock fabric suppliers allows for the purchase of needed textiles without excess, reducing waste. The leftover remnants are then used to construct our Pack It Up Bag. Packaging includes recycled yarns and paper, and meets the stringent AUS compostability and biodegradability standards.
the future

The Future Of Lola Pearl

As our brand grows, three things will never change: using sustainable materials, giving back to pups in need, and creating products that are chic, comfortable, and improve the user experience—for you and your dog. With our accessories, we’ll continue providing innovative solutions to the common problems we all face. As for the owners? Keep an eye out for apparel that’s functional and feminine, designed to be worn with or without Fido by your side.